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How to calculate the number of plant for a plot of Land.

Hello members, here are some figures that will help you out.

Rows are spaced at 5 feet.

Interplant distance is 30 inches.

So, a 5ft by 20ft space will hold 40 Okra bushes.

(100 square feet)

Multiply the lenght of your field by 12.


That gives you how many inches in 1 row.

Divide that by 30, which is your plant spacing, and you get how many plants per row.

240 ÷30 = 8 (plants per row)

Now you have 5 staight rows with 8 plants in each.

Thats 40 bushes per 100 square feet.

This is the spacing for maximum yield.

Thanks." Lets grow together" Kanayo

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