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Grow Tips for Success!

"Heavy Hitter" Grow Tips:

1.) Soak seeds in room temperature water for 24 - 48 hours. (70 to 90 degrees)

2.) You will notice the seed hull splitting open to expose a white root tip.

3.) IMPORTANT: Plant seeds in garden IMMEDIATELY after root tip appears, being careful not to damage the root tip. The plant will be severely stunted if root tip is damaged or you fail to plant as soon as root tip appears.

4.) Only germinate enough seeds for that day's planting. Sprouted seeds cannot be stored! They must be planted same day as root appears.

5.) Seed/Plant spacing should be 30 inches apart! with 5 feet between rows.

6.) Cover seeds at 1 inch depth. Keep soil moist until plants are well established, so seedling do not wither.

7.) Okra loves heat! but needs good soil moisture in order to produce well. Okra needs about 1 inch of rainfall per week. If you don't get 1 inch, watering will become necessary.

8.) Okra is a tropical plant and native to West Africa. Night time temperatures below 50' will stunt growth.

9.) Plant only in full sun. Okra does not tolerate shade or nearby tree roots. It requires rich soil to thrive. For best results, plant well composted soil with a PH of 6.0 to 6.5 in full sunlight. Okra needs well drained soil and will not tolerate standing water.

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